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Автор: Queen

Hm              F#          Hm
And then I saw Him in the crowd
Hm                   F#        Hm
A lot of people had gathered round Him
 Hm                              F#     Hm
The beggars shouted Him and the lepers called Him
The old man said nothing
          F#     Hm
He just stared about him
D    A     G   A   D       A    G A
All going down to see the Lord Jesus  |
D    A     G   A   D      A     G A   |
All going down to see the Lord Jesus  |  1
D    A    G  F#                       |
All going do-wn..                     |

Then came a man before His feet he fell
Unclean said the leper and rang his bell
The palm of a hand touched his head
Go now go now you`re a new man instead
( repetition 1)

It all began with the three wise men   |
Followed a star took them to Bethlehem |
And  made it heard throughout the land | 2
Born was the leader of man             |
(repetition 1)                         |


repetition 2

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